Forum Title: What's the most common reason for being fired from a roofing company?
I know it happens from time to time. What are the most common reasons why employees are fired from roofing companies? It seems from my experience a lot of people call off from work. There are guys that really don‚t know how good they have it. Especially in the current economy that we have now.
Category: Roofing Post By: MARK THOMAS (Tyler, TX), 02/12/2018

I could go on and on about this one. I‚ve seen it all. From people who are late to no shows. I‚ve heard every excuse in the book. There are a lot of people that make excuses why they can‚t work.

- RUBEN LOWE (Mishawaka, IN), 03/02/2018

I hate it when people come to work intoxicated. I like to have a beer like everyone else. I never drink and go to work. I‚ve seen plenty of guys get fired over it. The worst ones are those that drink on the job. That‚s something I can‚t stand.

- VIOLET STEVENSON (Palmdale, CA), 04/08/2018

No shows, always late. I don't know about everyone else's area but where I live the majority of the so called roofers are either alcoholics or drug abusers. Had a guy get fired for showing up to work so messed up on drugs and when he got on the roof he started freaking out.

- TERRY NGUYEN (Antioch, CA), 05/21/2018

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