Forum Title: Investigation Leads To Prosecution Of Roofing Company And Owners
Yet another story of a roofing company misleading customers and being prosecuted for it. This happened in West Virginia and the attorneygeneral is taking up the case. He is seeking up to $5000 fine for each violation.Quote: West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey announced an investigation by his office led to a three-count, criminal indictment alleging a Putnam County roofing company and its owners misled consumers in order to receive money for work never completed. The Attorney General‚s Office investigated the case, filed a civil action in July and more recently worked with the Kanawha County Prosecutor‚s Office. The resulting indictment charged David E. and Stacy M. Brinegar, and their company Great Finishes LLC, with felony obtaining by false pretenses.‚ÄúWe enforce the law against all companies large and small,‚Äù Attorney General Morrisey said. ‚ÄúIf people want to do business here, they have to play by the rules.‚ÄùThe Attorney General‚s civil complaint, filed in Kanawha Circuit Court, alleged Great Finishes and its owners, all of Scott Depot, accepted substantial down payments to replace and repairs roofs without completing the work.The lawsuit alleged Great Finishes LLC never returned to complete five roofing jobs for which it received at least $22,964.80 in down payments. Those consumers reside in St. Albans, Oak Hill and Dunbar, in addition to Huntington, where a woman paid $9,550.53 for no work and a refund of just 25 percent as of the July filing.Great Finishes still owed approximately $15,000 for incomplete work, according to the July complaint. One consumer recouped money by disputing the charge with a credit card company, while another did so by filing a complaint with the Attorney General‚s Office.The lawsuit charged Great Finishes failed to provide a three-day cancellation notice or its contractor‚s license number within contracts, failed to complete work by the date promised and conducted business in a deceptive and fraudulent manner.The Attorney General asked for an immediate injunction to block Great Finishes from doing business in West Virginia and seeks up to a $5,000 fine for each violation of the state‚s Consumer Credit and Protection Act. Source
Category: Roofing Post By: APRIL OLIVER (Rockville, MD), 02/07/2018

You just can't do things like that to people. If you are going to promise something, then you better deliver it. I hope they get what'scomingto them. They should be fined heavily for these actions.

- CHRISTY BALL (Lorain, OH), 03/07/2018

There are businesses in all industries that think they can get away with a lot of things and not be held accountable. I think in today's society, people are quicker to call a business onitsbad actions. Especially if they can just post complaint's about them on social media. This gets the attention of the proper authorities.

- MAURICE KELLER (Schenectady, NY), 04/03/2018

More and more of these cases are coming up. A lot of these companies are being made examples of, as they should. If you do the crime, then you do the time, or in this case pay a lot of money in fines.

- RANDALL WILLIAMSON (Buffalo, NY), 05/06/2018

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