Forum Title: How to avoid burnout?
I debated where to post this message. But, it‚s roofing related. I‚ve been working six to seven days a week for quite some time. I‚m not complaining about the paychecks. But, I do feel a level of burnout that can‚t be denied. I know once the seasons change things will calm down some. But, that could be quite a ways away.
Category: Roofing Post By: RALPH MORGAN (Abilene, TX), 01/28/2018

I‚ll be laying out on the beach sipping on a Corona soon. That‚s how I‚ll avoid burnout. Though, I‚ll also have to avoid sun burn as well.

- LORRAINE DAY (Azusa, CA), 03/07/2018

I wish I could be sipping on a Corona with you. It‚s a good thing I have Sunday off. Working six days a week is starting to get to me.

- ANNIE PERRY (Gainesville, FL), 03/24/2018

1. Figure out which kind of burnout you have.The Association for Psychological Science found that burnout comes in three different types, and each one needs a different solution:1. Overload:The frenetic employee who works toward success until exhaustion, is most closely related to emotional venting. These individuals might try to cope with their stress by complaining about the organizational hierarchy at work, feeling as though it imposes limits on their goals and ambitions. That coping strategy, unsurprisingly, seems to lead to a stress overload and a tendency to throw in the towel.2. Lack of Development:Most closely associated with an avoidance coping strategy. These under-challenged workers tend to manage stress by distancing themselves from work, a strategy that leads to depersonalization and cynicism — a harbinger for burning out and packing up shop.3. Neglect:Seems to stem from a coping strategy based on giving up in the face of stress. Even though these individualswantto achieve a certain goal, they lack the motivation to plow through barriers to get to it.

- NATALIE PARKS (Davie, FL), 04/26/2018

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