Forum Title: Ever worked in a thunderstorm?
I have. Last spring we were doing a job and we had maybe 15 minutes left to finish the job and this thunderstorm came rolling in. We all decided to hustle and get it done instead of stopping and waiting. Good thing we did because 5 minutes after we failed the power in the area went out.
Category: Roofing Post By: DEBBIE HARVEY (Sparks, NV), 02/10/2018

I have not and I hope never to. I head some bad things from doing a job while a storm is happening, specially, when you are on a metal roof. But that goes without saying!

- CLINTON PADILLA (Rocklin, CA), 03/02/2018

No way! This would not be a good idea for several reasons. You guys are lucky no one got hurt.

- BOB CUMMINGS (Fort Lauderdale, FL), 03/27/2018

Check out for great tips & information!

- JILL WALSH (Arvada, CO), 05/08/2018

Over here, we have a power outage if a twig snaps off a tree! I don't know how companies handle it haha

- KRISTIN COHEN (Virginia Beach, VA), 06/04/2018

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