Forum Title: Are roofers generally more mad?
I was reading some random articles a few days ago in a magazine at my doctor's and it said that among the physically demanding jobs there are, roofers tend to be the most grumpiest.It was stating issues with marriage and relationships as well. I thought BS! I am happy. The only time I am mad or in a bad mood is if I am in pain or hardly slept. This article had to be floating BS around.
Category: Roofing Post By: JOSE WALKER (Baytown, TX), 02/08/2018

I never heard of such a thing myself. I have been working with roofers for 3 weeks now and in comparison to landscapers, they are happier but that is not to say the landscapers weren't happy.This is likely down to some random study that doesn't take in to account any factual data or location, time of work, age, and so on.

- KYLE MUNOZ (Coon Rapids, MN), 03/15/2018

My one buddy I work with is ALWAYS mad in the morning. No matter what he just is not a morning person. So for him, it is best to leave him alone until after lunch.Generally speaking, this is bologna.

- JOHN JOHNSON (Austin, TX), 03/28/2018

I don't know why are you telling like that. Roofersbuilt our house by using their intelligence.And if you research about it then you will get your answer that most of the roofersare creative minds.

- TONI YANG (Fayetteville, NC), 04/19/2018

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